Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby updates!!!

Well I talked to the agency Friday after our birth mom's doctor appointment, they're both doing good and will probably have a c-section scheduled a few days before the due date. I finally put her room together yesterday and washed her NB size clothes. My husband reminded me that I was wanting our family and friends to treat us like we are expecting but I still hadn't taken the tags off the clothes I bought! Soooo I washed a crib sheet and put the bumpers in too:) so we are ready for Savannah's arrival now! Basically we just need 0-3 and up size clothes, bibs, socks, bottles, diapers, wipes and the small stuff! This weekend we had Ashlyn's 9th birthday party, still having a hard time with the fact that my little girl is 9! She had a good time and 3 girls spent the night staying up late watching movies and giggling into the wee hours of the morning! Instead of birthday presents we asked guests to bring money that Ashlyn could donate to Reeces Rainbow, specifically to Celine's grant fund. We have $100 that was given to us Saturday to donate and combining that with what we have saved in spare change we have a total as of yesterday of $142.75!!! I still have a bunch of cans to recycle I think about $20 worth so I'm holding off sending the check to RR just yet. I'm so proud of my sweet girl for wanting to donate instead of getting gifts!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sooo much going on!!!

Well it has been really busy around here in the last week! The awesome crib I got on craigslist....well turned out to be saturated in smoke. We aired it outside several days, I tried vinegar, pine sol, pledge, Murphy oil, borax, febreeze.....and it still smelled! So we donated it and bought a brand new crib, changing table and mattress from walmart with the help of some gift cards I kept forgetting about!! Jared put it all together Saturday and we got the crib set in as well. I went to SAM's Sunday and bought a few sleepers for her so I guess we're pretty much ready for at least a week or two anyway! My poor Kaeden is sick again with a runny nose and cough. We went to the DR last week for his 18 month check up but they said it was just a virus so at least no need for meds this time! Saturday was also Ashlyn's 9th birthday!!! Really hard to believe my girl is 9 now. We are having her party this weekend coming up and she asked that instead of presents she get money to donate to Reece's Rainbow, specifically to Celine's grant fund! My kids are spoiled and have WAY too much especially since it was just Christmas! I'm trying to teach Ashlyn that we should help others, that when you have more than enough of something you should share it! I really want her to have a servant's heart. As for baby news, I have nothing new to report. As far as I know everything is fine! I talked to the agency last week and they said her dr appt went great. No contractions or any cause for concern and the due date is still Feb. 11 or close to it! I'm ready but at the same time I'm not!!! As I look at today's date it makes my heart start racing....really it's already the 24th!!!! How did it already become the end of January!?!? Kinda scary!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Craigslist rocks!

I found a very nice double stroller the other night on craigslist for $40 and it matches the carseat we already have and is in brand new condition!!! Then I found a crib that matches the dresser in Savannah's room for $75! Now we just need to buy a mattress for it! The bank needed one more thing for our refinance, for the millionth time yesterday. Hopefully we can close on it next week. It's been a long stressful few months trying get this done. Then we can focus on other things like having another baby and Ashlyn turning 9!!! Wow I can't believe my girl is going to be 9 in about a week! Time really goes too fast when it comes to your kiddos. Kaeden will be 18 months old tomorrow and that's hard to believe too, I still think of him as my little baby though!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I had a dream........

Last night I dreamed of Celine, not of her in the orphanage but here in my home as my daughter. It was so vivid that when I woke up it actually upset me, she was here playing with Ashlyn and I was taking the girls to school. I know that we aren't able to commit to her because of finances but it still is breaking my heart. I've been looking at Reece's Rainbow for over 3 years and never felt so drawn to a child before. We prayed for another baby and that prayer has been answered by a birth mom choosing us but I still feel like Celine should be here too, I guess it's a little like having your cake and eating it too! Adoption is sooo expensive, especially internationally because of all the extra paperwork and travel involved. And it takes months to complete, probably closer to a year. If it was up to me and money wasn't an object I would be booking my ticket to go get her and bring her home now:)But that's not possible right now so I'm just going to try to bring her grant fund up so her family can find her! On a another subject tomorrow is my grandmas 84th birthday! I think I'm gonna make her some lemon bars or a lemon pie and cook some cheesy potatoes and broccoli with baked chicken for dinner. That's gonna have to be my present to her because we are hopefully going to finally close on our refinance of our house this week. I'll believe it when it happens, the bank has been working on it since July:( they keep losing papers, needing one more thing, etc, etc, ........

Friday, January 6, 2012

Went to one of the resale shops today that I bought a groupon from for $10 for $20 worth of stuff and got Savannah a tutu, and 3 sleepers for $1.35 plus the $10 I spent buying the groupon!!!!! And yesterday my cousin and I picked out and outfit at Target to bring her home from the hospital in!!! I looked at double strollers at several resale shops but I think I'm gonna just keep my combi double stroller and just wait til she's old enough to actually sit in it, it won't hold an infant seat and I really don't have $179.99 to buy a combi carseat! I really don't think I'll be going a whole lot of places where I will need both kids in a stroller for a few months!!! We've got a carseat, pack n play with bassinette we borrowed, a few bottles just need new nipples and a few NB size outfits so all we really need now besides her is diapers and formula! I also went by babies r us just to look and almost gave myself an anxiety attack looking at price tags!!!! We are going to have to buy a new swing because I bought both of ours used for Kaeden. The full size one was used twice before I bought it so I sold it at the garage sale since it was using it's batteries within a week! And our travel swing got knocked over by the dogs then loaned out to some friends and is currently being used by my cousins baby, she reports it's on it's last leg! Adding up all the adoption fees in my head plus the cost of "necessities" for the baby and the closing cost to refinance our house made my blood pressure go sky high! Lol, oh well I'll just have to pace myself on buying things for her.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Houston, I think we have a name!!!

We went to meet our new birth mom today and her mom. The meeting went really good, it felt like a good match! Of course I was super nervous, think of your most important job interview ever and multiply it by like a hundred at least!!! We asked if she had a name chosen and she said Savannah Grace, both Jared and I had thought about Savannah but didn't mention it to the other because we thought the other wouldn't like it!!! So we told her we liked Savannah but the middle name would have to be something else since Ashlyn's middle name is Grace. So hopefully we'll have a baby in a few weeks! Although it doesn't feel real yet since we don't really have anything for her as far as clothes, blankets and diapers. And since this adoption is fast one just like Kaeden we don't have the entire amount needed right now so we'll only be buying necessities! Thankfully I kept the carseat and we are borrowing our neighbors basinette!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Manic Monday!!!

Spent today finishing moving the kids rooms around. Ashlyn now is in the room with a private bathroom, and Kaeden and "peanut" will be in the two rooms with the bathroom in between. We figured it was better for Ash to have her own bathroom since she is so much older and have the babies farther away from her for noise reasons!!! I hung up the clothes I bought for her the other day but I did keep the receipts(just in case)I'm getting pretty anxious about our meeting with the birth mom Wednesday! I also found tons of stuff to try to sell at a garage sale in a few months! Hopefully it will be as successful as the one we had last summer where we made almost $1000!!!! That'd be amazing since I want to use some of it for grant funds through Reeces Rainbow! I only found .18 in Ashlyns room but we put it in Celine's jar. Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair done since I have about 2 inches of roots showing!