Monday, September 30, 2013

Clothing/shoe drive (hopefully!)

We are going to be having a clothing and shoe to drive as a fundraiser starting very soon. Details are still being worked out but we are joining forces with 3 other local families who are also in the process of adopting internationally. We are all really hoping this will be a super successful venture for us. So if you are in the Houston area or know people here please help us get the word out. We are collecting PAIRS of shoes and clothing of all types. They also will accept purses, bedding, drapery, towels and belts!!! We paid by the pound for these things so we need tons and tons:) so please don't take your stuff to goodwill!!!! Give it to us!!!!

Pasha update

Well Pasha finally got his g tube yesterday, we are still in the hospital and will be until at least tomorrow afternoon. He's still in quite a bit of pain so prayers for his pain to go away quickly would be appreciated. 

Callen had his appt with neurology yesterday as well, the doctor said he doesn't think he ever had hydrocephalus so that was great news! That means no heart defect, no hydro!!! He's perfectly healthy. 

Pasha is doing good except for not eating which we are trying to see some specialists at other hospitals about his scoliosis and kyphosis to get their opinions on surgery.

Both boys are doing good in school. Callen runs to the bus everyday and lives going. He does spend time everyday in Mr. Sad (time-out) while at school but he's actually trying to participate with the class and his speech is getting better everyday!

Callen going to school

Pasha before school one morning

Callen and Kaeden petting Memphis

Pasha getting on the bus

Callen driving!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Been a little busy

I know I owe everyone a post from Jared about how he was a reluctant husband and obviously changed his mind but we have been BUSY!!! 

First trying to get the boys registered for school and Ashlyn ready to start 5th grade and Kaeden back to Mother's Day out 2 days a week. Finally got the boys all registered and ready for school had their IEP meetings, arranged special transportation, borrowed a medical stroller for Pasha (our insurance still hasn't approved his wheel chair) and 5 tons of school supplies purchased.

Well the last couple of weeks Pasha has been eating less and less, he's never eaten well and is underweight already. On Friday he pretty much quit eating and drinking so Saturday afternoon I drove him to Texas Children's ER. He had a slight fever and had lost almost 2 lbs since coming home in May so we were admitted. After having a CT, several X-rays, bladder function tests and lots of lab work done they decided he has a UTI. We were released Tuesday evening and go back next week for his big Spina Bifida appt and at that appt we will discuss a feeding tube and when to have it done for him. I have been fighting that since he got home trying to avoid it but I can't put it off any longer:( so next week or so he will probably have a g tube put in. 

Good news Callen and Pasha went to school today for the first time and both had a good day. They both are saying they want to go back tomorrow so I'm really hoping for the same good news tomorrow when I pick them up!