Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why are we hosting?!?!?!

Why are we hosting?! Well there are several reasons but I guess the biggest one is why not?! We aren't super parents, we are just regular people with normal boring lives. I have wanted to host for a year or two now but things came up and also when you start getting down to brass tacks....well it's scary! Lol like I said we are not special or extraordinary we are very very normal. I read about these other families that are hosting or adopting and think wow what awesome people but truth be told they are probably as normal as we are! You don't have to be this super organized, well traveled person to host a child. What you do need is a genuine want to help an orphan enjoy their time here all it basically requires is a little paitence and a little bit of a sense of adventure. Sure it's kinda scary I mean it's unknown and unfamiliar but what in life hasn't been that way at some point?! On the plane ride to NC to meet Masha I kept thinking to myself are we really going to be able to do this? And guess what we are! It hasnt even been a week yet but I already know it's worth all the scary feelings you'll have and questions you will ask yourself. It is awkward at times?! Uh heck yeah it is but it's a lot of fun too! I seriously recommend hosting to any family who have contemplated it before but thought they weren't brave enough to do it! Just look at the pictures on my Facebook page of her smiling and having a good time, that right there makes it worth it to me:) and the best is yet to come my 9 year old daughter will finally be home this weekend so the fun really begins then!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ok more about Masha and why she's here!

Ok so imagine having someone in your home who speaks no English and you dont speak their language add in that someone is a young teenager...ok now they are also an orphan that lives in an orphanage. They are not used to how to act in a "normal" family setting and their social skills are a little off because of where they live! That's how it is here, it's nothing bad just different than our version of normal! Masha is not used to riding in a car or wearing a seatbelt in fact she hates the seatbelt and grumbles everytime I make her buckle up! Her sense of personal space is a lot different than mine also she bumps into me constantly when we are walking and other people as well and if you cross paths while walking well watch out because she won't stop! Lol like I said nothing bad just needs a little fine tuning for American life! I still don't know if she even wants to be adopted and leave her country. She is available and has no siblings or special needs, she just needs love. I can tell she would be a great daughter for someone she is blossoming here in just the few says of being around our family. She's a typical teenager she likes to shop, likes babies, likes trying on clothes and likes to sing. I could totally see her in choir and cheerleading with those long skinny legs! Lol here in america we take everything we have for granted, I'm not saying adoption internationally is better than adopting a child from the US foster care system. An orphan is an orphan they all need families. At least here in the US you are not shunned for being an orphan as a lot of other countries do. Unfortunately most children overseas will age out and end up on the street or dead. The statistics are stagerring and sad. In just three short years Masha will age out, hopefully if she is not adopted she can go to a trade school and get a job, unfortunately the statistics are not in her favor for that outcome. It's more likely she will be into drugs and prostitution or dead:( that is why I believe in hosting and adoption this experience could change her life for the better! That is my hope and prayer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Our hosting experience so far!

Well we decided at the last minute to host an orphan from Eastern Europe for three weeks. Hosting in and of itself is an adventure but of course our family has to have more of one than normal!!! We saw a picture of a cute nine year old named Masha and got all excited about having a kid Ashlyn's age here for her to play with. The kids flew in to Raleigh NC so I flew out last Thursday and of course my flight was delayed by around 2.5 hours! Then the kids flight was delayed about 45 minutes so they arrived just after midnight exhausted but very excited! As all the kids came running up to their host families I was looking for my kid but didn't see her! After a few minutes Amanda the co-founder of te hsng organization realized I was kidless so she asked the chaperones that came with the kids where Masha was...well I was presented with Masha but it was a different Masha than I expected! I took her back to the hotel for the night since we were both exhausted and figured what the heck we'll figure it out! The next day we find out the original Masha went into a foster home back in their country so the orphanage director sent this girl who is 13. The hosting agency gave me the opportunity to get my hosting fees back and said they would find another family for her but Jared and I both agreed we said we were hosting an orphan so here we go! We were not about to take a chance on hurting this girls feelings by saying you are too old. This is our first hosting experience, first experience with someone in our home who speaks a different language and first experience with an older child coming into your home. This gives me such a greater appreciation for foster parents! Here we are with this 13 year old who we know nothing about and she doesnt even speak the same language! I had downloaded several apps for translation from English to Russian but not all the translations are correct! It sometimes takes a few tries to get some kind of understanding! I'm going to write more tomorrow about our first few days together and about Masha but I'm exhausted right now! Masha is so excited to be here she is wearing me out, ok well it's not all her my 2 year old and 5 month old are contributing! Anyway I'll just say this it's a challenge but it's worth it! I'll let you know why tomorrow.