Saturday, May 4, 2013

The wait is almost over

Well Tuesday our court decree should be ready so can start the paper chase to bring the boys home! Wednesday is a half day of work here and Thursday is a holiday soooo its going to be tough to get both boys paperwork done on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have to go to their birth cities to get their birth certificates. When i say we i mean me and my regional facilitator since Jared is at home in the states.

I'm ready to start our new lives with 5 children but dreading the journey home with two little boys who will be scared and probably freaking out over all the changes they will be going through. I am also sad that I'm leaving this city without Masha, i never really believed that i would. I am however ecstatic about seeing Ashlyn, Kaeden and Savannah!!! I have missed my kiddos so very much! Ive missed ny dogs too lol!

Callen loves dogs the orphanage has a few but hes kinda rough and i don't think he'll realize our dogs are dogs since they re so big! Grayson likes the dogs as long as they aren't too close to him so thats going to be a challenge with two huge overly friendly great danes wanting to meet him!

I'm getting ready now to ho catch a bus to the orphanage to go see the boys, they too are getting tired of the monotony of the visits, especially Grayson since he was allowed to leave twice to go to the airport to see planes to help prepare him for the trip. He loves cars and now everyday asks about driving again!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The plans you have........

Well things have not gone according to our plans but then again they rarely do. The process of International adoption is a journey of faith and believe me this journey has tested mine many many times. Ultimately i know God is in control and orchestrating every move we make we just have to trust him that his plans are way better than ours. When we started this process it was for Masha, Grayson was our added bonus....that doesn't mean we wanted him any less but just that since hosting Masha we felt she was our daughter and we would go through this crazy journey to bring her home.

After getting Masha's referral and getting to see her again we found out we would not be able to adopt her. There are many factors to this none of which were known to all parties involved until recently. We were not aware she has several family members she still sees regularly so even though she wanted to be adopted by us she still struggled with leaving everything behind. Although we were and are devastated and heartbroken we pray she will be loved here and maybe someday when she is older she can come to the US. The pain is still great over the loss of her being our daughter so please don't ask details because i am tired of talking about it.

We did after a lot of discussion and prayer decide to still bring home two children, so Grayson is coming home and another little boy we met at the same orphanage who we named Callen. One week ago we had our court date and both boys are now legally ours! I am still in country for the waiting period after any court decision and then I'll be started the paper chasing part to bring the boys home, hoping i can be home in two weeks or so.