Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorry I'm a bad blogger!

Well I'm a bad blogger plus I have had a pretty bad cold for about two weeks that I'm pretty sure has turned into a mild case of bronchitis. I announced the winners of the cutest kids photo contest on my facebook craft page and contacted all the winners. All three winners very generously turned down their $40 gift cards! One I just kept the money and the other two asked that their cards were instead a donation to a waiting child on Reeces Rainbow or that we jeep the money ourselves. I donated $40 to Berkeley and $40 to Maggie. Both girls are in the country we are adopting from and need families.

In our adoption news, our dossier has been submitted to the kids country so now we are just awaiting travel dates. We are hoping to travel the first week of April but it could be sooner, it could be later. We are really close to being fully funded so hopefully we will be able to have another carwash soon and I'm having another auction on facebook. The auction is also benefiting two other adopting families!

We are getting excited and nervous about traveling. I'm so ready to see Masha again and to  finally see Leonid! I am not looking forward to leaving the other kids here at home for that long. I know they'll be fine but I have never flown for that long before. I'm borderline claustrophobic and I get restless very easily. I cannot even sit still through a movie!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Voting is open in the cutest kids photo contest!!/pages/Crystals-Creations-for-Adoptions/189209751143940?sk=photos!/pages/Crystals-Creations-for-Adoptions/189209751143940?sk=photos

Here is the link for my craft page where the albums are for the cutest kids photo contest! There are three categories and you can vote for as many kids as you want but your vote only counts once so you cant vote everyday or multiple times for one child:) I am extending the voting until Sunday night at 8pm central time, I had some computer issues getting all the photos uploaded in time.

In other news we are wating for our dossier to be submitted, hopefully next week it will be and right now it is about 6 weeks after submittal when people are traveling:) So we are getting closer....we had a fundraiser last Saturday night part of it flopped but we are trying it again on Sunday night at a different venue so hoping for a much better outcome. We did get about $800 in cash donations and from the silent auction though!!! And we didnt even use a lot of the silent auction stuff so we are trying that again on Sunday night as well!!! After we are done with this event we are doing another car wash maybe two and that is really it as far as big fundraisers. I am still making hair bows to try to sell and we are selling a local BBQ restaurants food as a fundraiser right now and a friend has an online scentsy party for us sooo if you need scentsy let me know!!!

I still have a few bracelets too so if you want one we are selling them for $3 shipped right now!