Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cutest Kids Photo Contest!!

This is our latest fundraiser for our adoption!!! We are going to have a cutest kids photo contest!!! With three age categories and first place in every category will win a $100 gift card of their choice or a $100 donation to a Reece's Rainbow family or child of their choice!!! Second place in every category will be a $25 gift card of their choice or a donation of $25 to the Reece's Rainbow family or child of their choice!!! Of course there are rules professional photos, I want the cute candid moments we catch at home or wherever just kids being kids!!! In order to get the $100 prize there will have to be at least 20 entries in the age category. If there are less first prize will be a gift card for $40 to your choice of places and there will be no second place prize unless we have 20 entries in the category. The entry fee will only be $10 per family for up to 4 kids entered, because I have friends who have 18 kids lol. The contest starts tonight Jan 20th 2013 and I will take entries until Feb 8th 2013, on Feb 10th I will open the voting and leave it open until Feb, 17th then I will end the contest and contact the winners!!!

The age categories are
0-2 years
3-10 years

To enter just make a tax deductible donation of $10 to our Reece's Rainbow account, the button is at the top right hand side of the blog! Then email me your kiddos pictures and a confirmation of your donation receipt from paypal to Once I have all the entries I will upload the photos to my craft page on faebook in an album for the voting. Voting will be done by comments under the photo, people may only vote once for a child but can vote in different age categories. Below is the link for my craft page!/pages/Crystals-Creations-for-Adoptions/189209751143940

This contest is open to all kids up to age 18, when you send me the photos I will need the childs first name and last initial just in case there are multiple entries with the same name and their age. I will not post their last names or where they are located and after the contest ends I will delete all the kids photos:)

Monday, January 14, 2013

While I'm Waiting......

Well we still have not sent our final paperwork to the kids country :( we had a few more paperwork issues hopefully they will be resolved this week and our "paper baby" will be flying over the ocean soon. In the meantime we are still trying to fundraise and save. We do have a friend doing a fundraiser for us this month with the hair bows she makes! She is a fellow adoptive mama and makes really cute bows so please check it out!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

USCIS Approved!!!

We got the email early Thursday morning that we are approved by USCIS or United States Customs and Immigration Services to adopt internationally!!! This is the last thing we needed for our dossier! We had to re do a few things paperwork wise but they were all no big thing and now after we get the last of them notarized again I can drive to Austin this week, hopefully Friday and get the last few things apostilled!!! Then it will be sent overseas to be translated and filed with the kids government so they can approve us and invite us over!!! It will probably be mid to late February when we leave and I don't expect to be home with the kids until the very end of March or early April, we still need about $11,000 though........

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We are auctioning off people!!!!

We are attempting to do a bachelor/bahelorette auction as a fundraiser in February! Jared did one years ago before we met for another charity and it was quite successful. We have a venue its going to be at Sam's Boat in Clear Lake on February 9th, its a Saturday starting at 4:30pm. We are also going to be having a silent auction during the date auction so its not just an event for singles. Sam's Boat is going to be having drink specials and things like that during it too so it's going to be a fun day for all. We are still in need of cute, fun loving singles to be auctioned off! They will fill out a short "about me" card before hand, only requirements are that you be there the day of the auction and then agree to go on one date no strings attached with the winning bidder. Dress in whatever you feel comfy in, it's at Sam's Boat so it's pretty casual. We also need items for the silent auction as of right now we have a fishing trip in Galveston Bay, some spa baskets, a few gift cards and a craw fish boil. I would love to have some kind of hotel stay or spa package in the auction. Massage gift certificates, jewelry, electronics anything.....also any monetary donations will be tax deductible 100%. It is getting close to time for us to travel to see the kids! We are hoping for mid FEB so having a good turn out is very important as right now we still need about $11,500 to be fully funded. So please please get in contact with me if you live in the Houston area or know people here who might want to come out that day and have a good time!!! I have a flier for the event if you are interested if putting one up where you work or go to school etc just email me at