Friday, December 30, 2011

Answered Prayers!!!

I've been praying almost non stop for over two weeks about which direction our family should take to grow again. Last night Jared and I talked more about Celine and were thinking of ways to raise the funds to adopt her. I still was unsure if we were meant to be her family or just her advocate and fundraiser. I prayed again last night for a clear direction and this morning I got my answer! Our agency here in Houston called to tell us a birth mom had chosen our family, she's due in February and it's a girl! We are going to meet her and her parents Wed. The agency is confident in her decision to place, she fell in love with our photo book! Loved everything about our lives, how we have lots of pets and I stay home and have other peoples kids over all the time!!! I'm excitedly cautious and glad my cousin and sister in law had girls 4 months ago and saved everything for us!!! God is good, all the time!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Change for a change!!!

I started collecting loose change yesterday for Celine, a little girl listed through Reece's Rainbow I've become smitten with. I cleaned out my purse, wallet and suburban and have $15.95!!! Her prayer warrior Leah is starting a change drive for her also. I sent out a plea to all my Facebook friends to help. When $40,000 is the ransom required to save these babies lives every penny counts.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gonna give blogging a try!

Well since this is the first try I'll just tell you a little about what's happening in our family! Jared and I have been married for almost 5 years and have two amazing kids, Ashlyn who is almost 9 and from a previous relationship I had and Kaeden who is 17 months. We adopted him at birth here in the US through an agency. Currently we are waiting for another child or two to join our family, we're just not sure how that type of adoption is going to happen:) We currently are waiting to be matched with a birth mom through an agency and are also trying to get our home study approved to be able to adopt from the foster care system. We also have talked about international adoption but right now nothing has been set in stone, we are looking into all our options and praying about which direction we will be taking.