Saturday, March 30, 2013

We are in country!!

Ok sorry I'm a terrible blogger anyway but it's has been very hectic since we arrived in country Sunday afternoon. We were delayed one day from getting our official referral to come meet Grayson because of a crazy snow storm that hit the capital city here shutting everything down. We of course did not have coats. I don't own a warm one since we live in south TX I don't really need it, Jared just thought he'd be ok for a few days without one since our region is way south of the capital and typically warmer this time of year! WRONG lol we actually were ok in just two layers and a fleece hoodie or sweater but all our facilitators were freaking out saying we must be cold blah blah blah and we were sticking out really bad as foreigners without coats so on Monday we walked to the GAP to find coats they were on clearance and we paid about $165 American dollars for them, more than we would in the states but clothing here is expensive. We didn't get to get out and sight see though since we were rushing trying to get our referral so we could head down to our region to meet Grayson, we do have to take the almost 15 hour train ride back up to the capital in a few days though to get Masha's referral. We did get to meet Grayson on Thursday morning and have visited him a few times since. He's absolutely adorable and very smart. Spoiled by the staff at the orphanage too, everywhere you look his picture is up on the wall. He is already calling us mama and papa.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting closer!!!!

In less than a week we will be boarding a plane to fly overseas to start the last part of our journey. Our bags are almost packed and ready to go, we have things taken care as far as childcare for our three kids here at home. Only thing we are really lacking is our tax return which we need to have. We have enough money to get there and last about two weeks or three depending on costs of food and accommodations in country but if the refund doesn't get here soon we are in about stress. As if getting ready to leave the country for two months isn't stressful enough. Lol in good news my best friend Jenny took me out to dinner last night. It was great having adult conversation, no kids, no husbands, just two friends having a nice dinner and a couple of margaritas! I'm going to miss my kids, my friends, my family, my pets basically everything while I'm overseas BUT I'm also excitedly nervous  about getting to see the kids. I can't wait to see Grayson and hold him, I'm excited to see Masha again and hear her cute accent when she says my name!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Twelve Days!!!

Well we got travel dates this past Thursday so the craziness has commenced!  We fly out of Houston on Saturday the 23rd and have our first referral appointment on the 25th!!! Two days later i should be holding my new son for the first time and about a week later we get to see Masha again!

I am beyond excited to go and dreading it all at the same time, I'm going to miss my kids SOOO bad and I do not do well on long car rides I get pretty restless. So I am literally going to look like i have ants in my pants, i get pretty squirmy after a few hours.

Its crazy here right now trying get everything ready to be gone so long and be so far away from everythibg familiar. I'm an over packer by nature, I'm the person who has everythibg you could think of possibly needing either in my diaper bag or cars console. Seriously, extra diapers and wipes in console, yup! Straws, yup! Plastic spoon, yup! Chick fil a barbecue sauce, yup! You get the idea! Everyone keeps telling me to pack very lightly but I'm really not seeing that happen!