Monday, February 16, 2015

Catching up!

Wow it has been crazy around here since Pashas surgery in December. He's doing awesome!!! These were right after surgery I'll try to add updated ones soon.


Christmas was great we had already booked a place in Bandera thinking Pasha would still be in the hospital in San Antonio. We took the kids to Sea World and enjoyed family time there at the guest ranch we stayed at. It was a nice break from our routines at home and all the kids enjoyed it. 

The beginning of January Katya started complaining of a headache but was still eating good and playing so we gave it a few days hoping it was allergies or the remnants of sinus pressure from the cold she had the week of Christmas. Well after  5 days I took her to the ER and they decided it was shunt related so they replaced her shunt and put in an adjustable one. Well these things aren't an exact science so it took 2 weeks and 2 hospital admissions to find the right setting for her but since then she's doing great and is back to normal. 

Ashlyn turned 12 in January and Lesia turned 17 that month then a week later at the beginning of this month Savannah turned 3! So we have been pretty busy, also Super Bowl weekend we brought home a 6 week old Great Dane puppy we named Sassafras aka Sassy. 

Ok I think that's the short version of everything:) hopefully my next update won't take so long:) 

Here's the puppy

Katya at Savannah's birthday party

Savannah and my grandma 

Pasha in his stander

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